Breakfast meetings are held every 1st Wednesday of the month from February to November, commencing at 7am in different venues throughout the Southern Highlands. Guest speakers cover a myriad of topics and speak for 40 minutes with question time afterwards. BWN members are given the opportunity as a ‘Cameo’ speaker to showcase their business allowing a 5 minute presentation.
Established in the early ’90’s, the Business Women’s Network (BWN) is a forum allowing women in business the opportunity to network and promote their business in a relaxed & friendly environment.

During the year we have our Annual Lunch featuring personalities such as Ita Buttrose, Hugh MacKay, Deborah Wallace and other notable guests.

Membership entitles:

  • Breakfast at a reduced cost.
  • Be a Cameo Speaker
  • Business listing in our directory
  • Promotion of your business
  • Brochures displayed at breakfast meetings
  • Special events promoted on our web page and sent out to all members
  • Magnetised name badge displaying your name and business name

BWN is a non-profit organization conducted by a committee of voluntary members dedicated to ensuring a well-run, co-ordinated meeting. Many hours are spent developing themes, sourcing speakers, planning and booking venues, creating and sending invitations, advertising, encouraging new memberships, collecting and managing finances and countless other invisible tasks. Ideas for new speakers or thoughts for ways to improve our club are also welcomed by the committee. You, are the club and our Club belongs to You, the members!

Two weeks prior to the breakfast meeting, invitations advising the guest speaker, topic and venue are sent out by email. RSVP and payment for each breakfast can be completed on our web page via direct deposit or post. Members may also pay for the next breakfast ahead of time at each breakfast meeting.
RSVP deadlines must be adhered to as required by the venue for catering purposes and we cannot accept latecomers. If you book, pay and are unable to make the breakfast we cannot refund as payment still has to be made. No exceptions.

We warmly welcome you as a member or guest and look forward to seeing you at the next breakfast.

Our Goals:

  • Cater to the needs of our membership
  • Offer a comprehensive range of personal and business development and networking opportunities
  • Organise monthly breakfast meetings to foster our goals

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