Is there a constitution for the Business Women’s Network?

Yes, have a constitution which describes the structure under which the club operates. Here is a copy of the constitution. Constitution of the Southern Highlands Business Women- amended 4-2015

Will you forward my email to the membership?

If you are a member we would be happy to include your information in our next mailout. Please contact the committee member in charge of our monthly mailouts or you may like to upload your offer to the bulletin board on the website.

Can I make a special offer from my business to the members?

If you are a member, yes. Please contact the committee member in charge of our monthly mailouts or you may like to upload your offer to the bulletin board on the website.

Can I suggest a luncheon speaker?

Yes! We are always looking for interesting high profile luncheon speakers. Please notify us via our Contact Form.

Can I suggest a venue?

Yes, we are always looking for new venues as well. Please speak to the committee member in charge of booking venues.

Can I suggest a guest speaker?

Yes! We are always looking for interesting speakers. Please advise us via our Contact Form.

Can I serve on the committee?

We are always looking for energetic women to help us run the club! Please speak to the chair about what vacancies there may be and how you might be able to help.

Who do I speak to about certain issues?

On the committee page you can see which committee member is responsible for the area in which you have a query, and her contact details.

Who is on the committee?

Please visit the committee page to learn about our current committee members.

How is the club run?

We have a group of women who volunteer their time on the committee to run the club.

Do I have to provide a photo of myself?

No, however it will only enhance your networking opportunities if you do. For example if someone meets you at an event but cannot recall your name, she can scan through the photos to find you.

Can I tailor my online directory entry?

Yes, you always have control of your own entry in the directory so you can update your details at any time.

What is the format for the website ads, and can you assist me in designing and formatting my ad correctly?

Yes, we can assist you in designing and formatting your ad for our website.

Can I advertise on the website?

If you are a member, yes.

What topics can I speak about?

We like to hear all kinds of business-related presentations, and are also keen to hear inspirational stories.

What audio visual equipment is available for me to use?

We can provide a data projector & screen, microphone and/or a white board/ flipchart. Please bring your own laptop, and let us know what kind of equipment you require.

How long do I speak for?

30 minutes.

What is the fee for a guest speaker?

As a not for profit community organisation, we do not have a budget for guest speakers. However, if you are coming from out of the area we can offer you accommodation at our cost along with the cost of your breakfast. Please consider it a marketing opportunity for your business. We are more than happy for you to sell your books/ wares/ services to attendees and members.

How often can I be a cameo speaker?

Maximum once per year.

Can I do a powerpoint presentation?

Generally, no, as we like to keep the cameo presentation brief.

How long do I speak for?

15 minutes. It is meant to be a simple showcase of your business.

Do I have to be a member to be a cameo speaker?


Do I have to attend breakfasts?

No, in fact we have some members who keep their memberships current to keep up to date on local business news and for access to related business events.

What do I get for membership?

For your membership you will:

  • Attend each breakfast at our member rate ($30 per person),
  • Receive notifications of our breakfasts and other events,
  • Have the opportunity to display your brochures and promotional material at each breakfast,
  • Be eligible to be a cameo speaker at a breakfast,
  • Be listed in our online member directory,
  • Receive a name badge,
  • Be able to post listings on the online bulletin board,
  • Have the opportunity to advertise your business or become a sponsor (minimal fees apply).

How much does it cost to be a member of the BWN?

We charge $75 per year, which is excellent value!

Can anyone attend the breakfasts?

Members and guests are always welcome to attend. We even have the odd man coming along!

Where are the breakfasts held?

We go to a different venue around the Highlands each month. That’s part of the fun!

What is the timing and format of the breakfast events?

Breakfasts start at 7am and finish by 9am (although you are always welcome to stay and network as long as you like afterwards). Each breakfast starts with networking on arrival, followed by a sit down breakfast, announcements, our cameo speaker and finally our guest speaker presentation.

Do you ever put on evening events?

Occasionally we have a special evening workshop or seminar, but generally we are a breakfast club.

What events does the BWN hold?

We hold breakfasts each month from February to August, October and November, a special luncheon in September and a Christmas party in December. We do not have an event in January.

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