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How that “Tapping Thing” Everyone is Talking About Can Take You From Stress to Success with Naomi Janzen

Naomi Janzen, expert Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner, trainer and author, will explain how stress is the root of all failure – from personal to physical to professional – and show you how to use a remarkably simple, and scientifically validated way to conquer it on the spot by tricking the freaked out “fight or flight” centre of your brain into switching OFF so the “thinking” part of your brain can stay ON when you most need it. Result: you’ll come away from this presentation having personally experienced a smarter way to deal with the ups and downs of not only business but life in general.

Shocked at how quickly and easily she was able to clear her severe depression with EFT Tapping (in only 5 days), Naomi abandoned a 25 year career as a television writer-producer so she could dedicate herself to learning about and sharing this empowering, revolutionary and life-transforming technique with a stressed-out world. Since making the switch, she’s authored a new book, Tapping Out of Depression (Even When You Barely Care Enough to Try), created Positive Psychology’s Top Ten mindfulness app Remindfulness, co-produced the documentary The Science of Tapping, starring transformational luminaries like Dr. Joe Dispenza, and co-hosts One Mind Live, an online Tapping and meditation site that delivers weekly doses of calm to a worldwide membership.


  • June 6, 2018
    7:00 am - 9:00 am
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