About Peta Seaton, the family and values behind Ashton Park

About Peta Seaton

A childhood in a tropical jungle would not normally inspire dreams of iconic Australian vistas, but Peta Seaton’s Tasmanian grandparents and their magical traditional kitchen garden, and a steady diet of novels about the Outback sent her on a rural journey once back in Australia.

From digging to politics

Pursuing her dream to be an archaeologist led Peta to a doctorate and field excavation in Jordan, which she continues today. But with financial reality kicking in she started her own music video and TV business in the 1980’s, and a period in advertising.

Running her business got her interested in policy and politics. She worked for two NSW premiers before standing for election herself, serving 11 years in the NSW Parliament representing the Southern Highlands community, until she chose to leave in 2007.

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